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14 Demorest Road  Stirling ON K0K 3E0

Welcome to Stirling Physiotherapy Clinic

At Stirling Physiotherapy, we specialize in physiotherapy.

Stirling Physiotherapy Clinic offers one-on-one therapy sessions with experienced Registered Physiotherapist. All sessions are customized for each patient to offer personalized therapy for effective treatment, faster recovery, and greater value.

Our services


At Stirling Physiotherapy we specialize in physiotherapy treatment.


Physiotherapists act as primary care providers (you can access physiotherapy without a doctor’s referral) and determine a patient’s management plan or may work in partnership with other medical professionals.

Home care

We offer physiotherapy treatment in the comfort of your own home.This service is available by appointment only.

About us

At Stirling Physiotherapy, the physiotherapist works with each individual through the treatment and rehabilitation process, providing them personalized care. The main focus is patient care and well-being. 

The clinic has the right tools and equipment required to offer superior treatment for patients. 

The physiotherapist has over two decades of experience in treating patients. Stirling Physiotherapy specializes in physiotherapy treatment.